The Cleaning Power of Vinegar

Thinking about switching your household cleaners to natural cleaning solutions?  Vinegar roughly consists of 5% acetic acid and carries a pH of 2.0, it is with these properties that makes it an excellent house cleaning disinfectant towards killing bacteria and viruses.

Let’s look at the abilities of this super cleaner in more detail:

Xfactor to dissolve:  cuts through stubborn oils, grease and grime.

Gets rid of odours: combats odours that can stick around in the air.

Kills germs: able to kill 99.9% of bacteria

Naturally acidic: easily removes soap scum, lime deposits and prevents mould.

Inexpensive:  cheap compared to commercial cleaning products

The ideal All Purpose surface cleaner

Replace your multi-purpose spray cleaner with this vinegar all-purpose cleaner for most house cleaning chores.

Spray bottle

½ cup White Vinegar

3 cups Warm Water

1/4 cup Eco Dishwashing liquid

2 tsp Borax

½ squeezed Lemon Juice

10 drops Eucalyptus oil

Simply combine all ingredients in a jug and stir, fill up spray bottle and your all-purpose cleaner is ready to tackle any general house cleaning stain.

Surfaces that should not be cleaned with vinegar

Granite, Marble and Natural stone surfaces

Etching can occur and cause spotting on these surfaces when cleaning with acidic solutions.  Use water and an eco-friendly detergent.

Hardwood flooring

Sealed hardwood flooring contains a protective layer on top of the actual wood flooring.  Any acidic cleaners will actually breakdown this coating, causing more harm than good. Mix a spray bottle with warm water and 20 drops of eucalyptus oil for best results.